Our Center Goals

At Choices we desire to serve the community in an even greater capacity, reaching more women in the area, and meeting each of their needs through prayer, counseling, and service.  As part of the long-term vision for our organization, we have many goals which we are eager to see implemented.


Some of those include:


Shuttle Transportation Services

We have many clients who find themselves in need of our services but do not have transportation to our office.  We would like to be able to offer them the service of a free shuttle that could facilitate pick up and drop off as necessary.  Obviously, Choices would like to fund the use of that shuttle so as not to burden the client and present another obstacle to her receiving our services.


Home for Mothers

Every so often, some of our clients find themselves in a situation where they need temporary shelter and lodging during their pregnancy.   If their situation presents as unsafe or unable to continue at their current living arrangement, Choices would like to be able to operate a stand-alone home that would provide these women with a safe and secure living environment for the duration of their pregnancy.


Abstinence Programs

It is our desire to take our message of abstinence into the community at large.  We would like to have funds available for marketing and educational materials so that we could facilitate abstinence programs, both at our center, and within the school systems.


Marketing Campaign into the Community

Our most significant client bases are not found in our local churches or affluent neighborhoods, where much of our resources are currently focused.  They are found in local schools, low-economic communities and minority populations.  Our desire is to have the resources to take our message “to the streets” in order to reach these clients in a more effective manner.  We would like to be able to establish marketing campaigns in other languages, produce marketing videos to reach our target clients, and much more.  We are also working on renting a billboard in a high traffic area.