Services Provided

Choices is a women’s medical center that offers pregnancy testing and sonograms for pregnancy verification.  Women are able to audibly detect the heartbeat of their baby using a Doppler.  Women who come to our center are given lab-quality pregnancy tests, sonograms, counseling, parenting classes, baby clothes and supplies, and education in pregnancy options, sexual purity and post-abortion counseling.


Currently, much of our limited resources are dedicated to the following:


  • Free lab-quality pregnancy tests to confirm pregnancy are offered to all clients.
  • Free ultrasounds are offered to confirm the viability of a pregnancy during the early stages.  Pre-natal care referrals to local service providers are offered based on the results of a woman's ultrasound.
  • Pre-natal vitamins are provided to clients who are in need of pre-natal care and cannot afford or haven't yet obtained their own.
  • Ongoing parenting classes covering such topics as:  caring for your newborn, car seat safety, healthy nutrition for mom and baby, etc.
  • Material assistance is offered through our “Baby Boutique” where women can earn diapers, formula, baby clothing, toys, infant care products, baby blankets, and more.  Products from our Baby Boutique are earned as clients complete parenting classes, and on a need-based basis as directed by the Director.
  • Post-Abortion support groups and Bible studies are offered to any woman who would like to find healing from the remorse and guilt she may be feeling from a previous abortion.  Each session is 9 weeks long and is guided by a Biblically-based study guide.