2020 Events

*CANCELED FOR 2020* Clay Shoot Fundraiser

*The 2020 Clay Shoot at Shrader's Outdoors & the Dale Skinner Boys2Men Boot Camp are cancelled for 2020. We are disappointed to not be able to proceed as planned for these events. Due to the circumstances, Choices feels it is best to cancel for this year, but we hope to be able to hold these events in 2021!*

On-going Events

Parenting Classes

Joseph Project



Are you a young father that needs a mentor?  Or, do you know a young man who could use a mentor? The Joseph Project is a program that helps build up and instill strength, responsibility and morality to the young men who come through Choices. For more information, please email us at staff@cpcshore.org or call us at 410-822-3311.

Free sonograms-please call 410-822-3311 to set up an appointment.


Post-Abortive Bible Study/Mentor Group-This group meets every Monday at 6:30 pm, please call 410-822-3311 for more information.